Sunday, December 8, 2013

♡ Anime Vegas November 2013 & Haul ♡ ( Photo Heavy )

I went to Anime Vegas on November 2 on Saturday because that was the only day I could go on :/ but despite that I had a ton of fun! I was super stoked also because the last time I went was in 2010 .__. 

This years convention took place at the Renaissance Hotel because their original venue they were going to have it at rejected them so the date and venue got changed. The only problem I had was how small it was because the panels could only fit up to 30-40 people max but that didn't really bother me because I still had a lot of fun! 

                                                Here are the pictures : ♡ 
                     ( btw sorry for the crappy quality I took these with my phone ^^; )

                                                          Miikachu She's gorgeous 


No Face!
I went as Miku from The Madness of Duke Venomania ^ ^ 

Kirakishou! ♡ 

As a huge Bleach fan I had to take a pic with a Ichigo cosplayer c: 

Met with a fellow IchiRuki fan! as IchiRuki is my OTP 


Sebby chan! ♡ ( Kinda stared at him too much xD, he's handsome! )


The pool area was really nice actually ^^

                                                                      ♡ Haul ♡

The first thing I bought was a alpaca! I don't own any alpaca at all so I had my mind set on buying one at the con, it was worth every penny! 

Meet Blossom my fuzzy bby 

Now this dvd I won at a panel called "Name That Anime Tune" something like that, basically we listened to a bunch of anime openings and endings I think and I came first in the first group that played. All the first place winners would get together at the end to see the actual winner and that's when I failed xD I placed 4th and there was this guy who got 3rd but said I could pick first ( so kind *^* ) I picked the yaoi dvd xD I forgot what the other dvd was but I was so happy haha

I bought this cute bunny headband and it came with a cute bow with a bell that jingles whenever I move my head 

The headband also has wire inside so you can work it any way you want. 

And the last thing I bought was this choker ♡ 

Ahh sorry if this was such a long post but anyone who lives in Vegas I'll be going to Sabakon in April ~